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An international bank account is an important passport you need to open doors to new opportunities.


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We are very seasoned in the banking world. We have over 25 years of experience in banking.

About company

We have been working very efficiently in the banking industry for over 25 years.

First Swift Finance Bank is your number one International Bank, provider of reliable credit & debit cards, secure deposits, loans, and other financial services available worldwide.

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Why people choose us

Security in banking level

We take great measures to ensure that our systems are well protected and our customers have absolutely nothing to worry about. One of our core values is the total protection of assets and valuables.

Investments and asset security

First Swift Finance Bank goes to even greater heights to ensure that our Investment banking system is top notch. We do everything possible to see that your assets and money is not just safe but grows with us.


Our customers know for a fact that First Swift Finance Bank can always be relied on to provide the best of services purpose in the banking world. We always deliver the absolute best. Our customer support system is top notch!


First Swift Finance Bank is a very seasoned and experience group of bankers, finance specialists, finance technologist and investment bankers. The bank has been great in the banking world for more than 25 years.


Our company values, mission and vision


To continously unlock new banking levels.


Making International banking accessible to all.

Core Values

Customer satisfaction, asset growth and security.

Our Services

Only the best professional services


Online banking

First Swift Finance Bank provides a well equiped online banking system heavily concentrated on customer satisfaction.

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Business loan

At First Swift Finance Bank, business loans are offered under very favourable conditions.

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Mortgage Services

With First Swift Finance Bank, you could be a landlord faster than you ever dreamt. Make a move with us.

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Personal loan

Loans are not only for businesses and establishments, indivduals get loans too.

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Bank cards

First Swift Finance Bank provides customers with varieties of both credit and debit cards for fast payments.

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Secure payment

First Swift Finance Bank provides well secured and effective payment systems and third party platforms.

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Saving account

First Swift Finance Bank provides the best saving account known to the modern banking world.

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Business banking

A lot of great businesses trust us with securing and even handling their finances. Join that list!

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Investment banking

Investment banking is a type of banking that organizes large, complex financial transactions such as mergers or initial public offering (IPO) underwriting

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Clients words

What our clients say


Markus Twain


First Swift Finance Bank is the most reliable bank I know. I have really never gotten a bad comment from anyone about the bank and it is something really great if you think about how other banks function.


Jessica Molony


I love the fact that my international transfers are always fast and very accurate, no unneccesary charges.

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